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Friday, July 21, 2006

What's in a name?

Funny thing - I keep looking at the title of my blog, and wondering if I couldn't come up with something more positive. "The Lowly Pencil" might not have what it takes to entice a person to stop by and have a little read, and a look-around. I've tried The Art of The Pencil, ART and the Pencil, Pencil art and me, but all seem undernourished somehow. Well, until someone comes up with a better name, I'll have to stick with it. In the meantime . . . . .

One of my "Lowly Pencil" favorites is "Seeds or Berries" with a Blue Jay in a tree. Again, the Jay, sunflower seed in beak, was captured, on my digital camera, on one of my backyard feeders, and I found the tree (type unknown) along the "Rail Trail" in Pepperell. (
This piece has hung in several shows, including a Juried show At Sharon Arts Center in Peterborough, NH.
Nice place that!

"Finch Feeder", with all perches filled with cute little American Gold Finches, is also a product of my back yard. I keep the feeders full at all times, and take lots of photos during the winter months. The photos are well worth the small amount of cash for all the seeds I go through, and I've gotten some really special material. I never complain about the squirrels getting their share either.

I must have fifty photos of a little Chipmunk who totally cleaned out one feeder all by himself. I followed his path to my cellar, but to this day I haven't come across all those Sunflower seeds he stashed away. I eventually used a live trap on the little guy/gal, only to discover there was more than one. So, this will have to be another pencil project in the near future.

"After The Rain" was a special project because I wanted to see how I would do drawing a complex arrangement, and see what kind of depth I could achieve. The small rodent peeking through the leaves was an afterthought, but it's what most folks remark about. Does the rodent make the picture, or would it have been better on it's own? At any rate, it was fun trying to figure out exactly where to put the little guy.

I've taken many photos in the woods, weeds, and wherever I thought I could get good reference material for my Pencil drawings. I have found, however, that it could be hazardous to your health. I believe it was in pursuit of butterflies when I picked up a tiny little wood tick, who happily (or otherwise) gave me Lyme disease. How do they know where to install themselves where you can't see them? I'm very careful these days, and do a good exam after my field trips. My best guess is that the tick found me while I was in persuit of this lovely little Tiger Swallowtail, which I drew with "The Lowly Pastel Pencil." One of my daughters is crazy about Butterflies, so I couldn't resist doing this one for her for Christmas.

Well, with that bit of color, I'll bid ado until next I post for the Lowly Pencil. I'm beginning to like that title.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention my chorus again. Go here and check it out. It's way more than just a hobby!